Terms & Conditions

Scope of Our Services :

Through this website www.ferriesinbali.com, we provide an online platform through which visitors to the website can make reservation for transfer trip by fast boats. From the point at which you make your reservation, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the transportation provider, transmitting the details of your reservation to the relevant provider and sending you a confirmation email for and behalf of the provider.

Limitation of Liability :

  1. We act as an intermediary only in respect of all reservations made on this site. We have entered into contracts with the service providers mentioned in this website. These contracts ensure that the service providers will responsible in the best possible way towards our customers. This means that in case there is a problem with customerâ€TMs reservations, e.g. overbooking, mechanical problem, force majeure, or delay, the service provider will seek to resolve the situation to meet customerâ€TMs satisfaction, e.g. arranging another transportation from other provider to meet the need of the passengers.
  2. We shall have no responsibility for, and not liable for, the misrepresentations, breaches of contracts, breaches of statutory duty of any providers whose product and services are sold through us, unless otherwise specified. We shall not responsible for any unlikely cases due to providers fault or failure (including their employee or agents), e.g. suffering personal injury, illness, or death.
  3. Although we will use reasonable skill and care in performing the information on this website based on the information provided to us by the transportation providers, we are not conducted any quality or other checks on the transportation providers.
  4. Any claims or complaints related to the trip and service should be made directly with the transportation / accommodation provider. In the event of any claims or complaints please also contact us. This is very important to us to find any possibility of case solving and to improve our services in future.
  5. We will not verify if, and cannot guarantee that, all information is accurate, complete or correct compared with the actual service, nor we can be held responsible for any errors and interruptions (whether due to any (temporary and / or partial) breakdown, repair, upgrade, or maintenance of our website), inaccurate, or misleading.
  6. Whether you, or any of the people that you are booking on behalf of, are in breach of any of the provisions of these Terms or contravention of any laws or rights of a third party, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation without refund or compensation in any way.

Applicability :

These Terms & Conditions apply to the reservations through this website to any liability we may have in relation.
  1. Terms & Conditions Prevail: Except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, in the event of inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions and our Conditions of Contract or any other regulations we may have dealing with particular subjects, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.
  2. Language: The language of these Terms & Conditions is English and even though there may be translations of these Terms & Conditions in other languages, English shall be the sole language used in the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions.

Use of The Site :

You might use the Site or part site in Ferriesinbali association to make legitimate enquiries or bookings and you hereby undertake not to make any speculative, false or fraudulent bookings or any reservations in anticipation of demand. You undertake that the payment details you provide us with in making a reservation are fully correct. You also undertake to provide correct and accurate email, postal and/or other contact details to us and acknowledge that we may use these details to contact you in the event that this should prove necessary.

Site Content :

We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend, or terminate the Site and/or any portion of thereof, including any service or product available through the Site, and/or your use of the Site, or any portion thereof, at any time for any reason with or without notice to you

Privacy :

Privacy policy is available for your review through this link. You consent to the information practices and disclosures set forth in that policy, and agree that those practices are reasonable.

Fares :

  1. Applicable Fares: Applicable fares are those published by us or on our behalf, whether electronically or by way of other medium. Fares include administration fees, service charges and other charges unless otherwise specifically stated by us.
  2. Additional Charges: Please note that all prices on the Site are for the transportation from the harbor at the point of origin to the harbor at the point of destination. Overland transfer will be charged as other cost

Payment and Currency :

  1. Purchaser Conditions: In order to make a booking you must be over 18 years old and have the full legal capacity to make the transaction (or have the authorization from your legal guardian). You undertake that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account. We reserve the right not to accept certain credit cards. We may add or remove other payment methods at its discretion.
  2. Currency Conversion: All transactions are based on Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). For convenience purpose, we provide currency converter on our reservation form system. The currency conversion rate is determined by us (check our Currency Rates pages). Your bank may impose additional fees on the transaction, over which we have no control. Please note that exchange rates fluctuate daily.
  3. Confirmation of Booking: The booking of a Seat / Room is confirmed after full payment of the fare is made and after we issue you a booking number and/or the Itinerary.
  4. Payment: Unless otherwise specified, fares must be paid in full when a booking is made. In the event that the fare has not been paid in full for any reason whatsoever, we reserve the right to cancel the booking prior to check-in and/or to disallow you to board the boat.

Tickets / Voucher / Proof of Payment

  1. Evidence Of Contract: The Itinerary / Voucher is primary evidence of the contract for service between passenger and us. The Itinerary / Voucher, these Terms & Conditions and our Conditions of Contract (including applicable Tariffs) together constitute the terms and conditions of the contract of service between you and us.
  2. Transferability: The contract for carriage is only transferable as provided in these Terms & Conditions and our Conditions of Contract.
  3. Validity: The Itinerary / Voucher is only valid for the Passenger named and the trip specified therein.
  4. Identity: Unless otherwise specified, we will provide carriage only to the Passenger named in the Itinerary or Electronic Ticket. You will be required to produce appropriate identification at check-in.

Booking Conditions

By making a reservation on our Site, you accept and agree to the relevant transportation booking conditions, including cancellation and no-show policies applicable to that booking, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the transport providers that may apply to your reservation or during your trip, including for services rendered and/or products offered by the providers. The link to general Terms of Carriage of each fast boat provider is made available on the Site at the page related to the provider.

Special Needs

Please inform us / our staff before you make reservation related to the passengers with reduced mobility or have problem with medical condition. Pregnant women or people with heart or back problems are restricted for this trip. If on departure time we have judgment that the passenger is not fit for the trip, we will cancel the reservation without any refund, unless otherwise is specified.

Schedules, Cancellation

Cancellation, Changes of Schedules From Us At any time after a booking has been made we may change our schedules and/or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone reschedule or delay any trip where we reasonably consider this to be justified by circumstances beyond our control or for reasons of safety or commercial reasons. In the event of such trip cancellation, we shall at our option, either:
  • Carry you at the other opportunity on another of scheduled services of same transport provider on which space is available without additional charge; or
  • Carry you at the boat of other provider with adjusted charge; or
  • You may choose to travel at another time with our service without additional charge, or
  • You may request for the refund without no charge except all fees required to make refund.
The sort of cancellation fee for fast boat trip is applied as below:
  • A cancellation 2 week prior to the departure is not subject to a cancellation fee.
  • A cancellation between 1 to 2 weeks prior departure is subject to a cancellation fee of 50%
  • A cancellation between 1 week to 48 hours prior to departure is subject of a cancellation fee 75%
  • A cancellation inside 48 hours prior to departure or no show is subject of a cancellation fee 100% of the nett price.
  • All fees required to make refund (if any) should be passengerâ€TMs mandatory.
All fees required to make refund (if any) should be passengerâ€TMs mandatory.


We do not provide any insurance for our customers who made reservation through us. Some transportation providers provide limited insurance for passengers. The link to Insurance Policy of each transportation provider is made available at the Site at Insurance page.

Further Correspondence

By completing a booking, you agree to receive an email which we may send you shortly prior to your arrival date, giving you information relevant to your booking. Other than the email correspondence confirming your booking, relevant booking modifications or cancellation emails, including reminder emails in instances where you have not finalized a booking, communications initiated from us or the transport providers regarding your booking, guest review invitations, and the emails for which you may have actively opted in, we shall not send you any further (solicited or unsolicited) notices, emails or correspondence, unless you specifically agree otherwise.

Legislation and Courts of Jurisdiction

This agreement will be governed by law of Republic Indonesia and any disputes will be dealt with by the courts in Republik Indonesia.

Modification and Waiver

None of our agents, employees nor representatives has authority to alter, modify or waive any provisions of these Terms & Conditions.

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